We’ve Been Busy. Flyweights, Bloopers, and Holiday Gifts – Oh, My!

We’ve been busier than Santa’s elves during the past few weeks at Patriot Surplus. Let’s talk about some of what we did:

1.) We made lots of videos.

You’ve seen our boy Patrick do his reviews, but did you see the bloopers? That’s right. We made (and kept) a blooper reel. Enjoy with our sincerest compliments. (Oh, and if you haven’t seen the rest of our video reviews, you should definitely check them out on the official Patriot Surplus YouTube Channel.)

2.) We got in our shipment of Belleville Flyweights.

For those of you who know and who preordered, this was a big deal. We’ve been waiting on these boots since November and we’re proud to say that they are here, they’re in our warehouse, and they’re being shipped out to our happy customers. Thanks again for all of the preorders! If you didn’t get a chance to preorder, no worries. We have Belleville Flyweight Boots in stock and ready for purchase, baby!

3.) Steve put together his Holiday Gift Guide for 2011.

The holidays never looked so good.

We’ll be posting more about this on the blog next week, but in the meantime, stay tuned. Your inbox will be graced with the sweet sounds (er, words) of your main man Steve and his gift picks for this holiday season. Also, there may be a coupon for you to enjoy (hint, hint).

4.) We hit 5,000 fans on Facebook!

That’s right. You guys are amazing. You came out in a major way and showed your support for a small business that is dedicated to giving you the best. Thank you. (If you haven’t already, find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/patriotsurplus)

Also, today, we’ve had some pretty nice compliments from our customers roll in. One guy even shared our special power of helping you wrestle sharks right out of the Chesapeake Bay. That’s right. Sharks. Wrestled. Out. Of. The. Bay. 

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