Until They Are Home Causing Marine Buzz at Sundance

The Sundance film festival is something movie buffs look forward to every year, but this year, there’s a new military documentary that’s earning a lot of buzz – and rightfully so.

Until They Are Home is a documentary that tells the story of the World War II Battle of Tarawa and the U.S. military’s attempt to recover the remains of marines left behind in 2010. It’s not an official Sundance selection, but the filmmaker Steven Barber has brought it to Park City, Utah for several free screenings, which has picked up quite a bit of buzz.

Barber’s start of the documentary features an interview with actor Eddie Albert, who was actually a hero of Tarawa, saving the lives of many fellow marines. This interview is what sparked the documentary about the 1943 battle where more than 1,100 American died over a period of just tree days. 527 Marines were left behind on Betio, an island in the Pacific as a result of the battle. The Joint Prisoners of War, Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC) recovery teams held six digs to recover the remains of those left behind. Those digs are what the documentary covers, as well as the history behind the effort.

If you ask us, Sundance needs more films like this. Celebrating and documenting our nation’s military is important – and while we’ve seen a number of great films in the past few years celebrating our troops, there’s always room for more.

To learn more about this film, visit: www.untiltheyarehome.com


One thought on “Until They Are Home Causing Marine Buzz at Sundance

  1. Steven Barber is a masterful film maker and a patriot of the highest order. Words cannot express how grateful the United States Marine Corps is that the story told in Mr. Barber’s companion films, “Return to Tarawa” and “Until They Are Home” have brought much needed publicity to America’s ongoing efforts to recover and repatriate the remains of our brothers-in-arms who bravely gave their lives at the WWII battle for Tarawa. Absent Mr. Barber’s exceptional cinematic talents and superb promotional abilities this vital mission to bring America’s warriors home, no matter what it takes would not have progressed at the pace we’ve recently seen. The Marine Corps motto is “Semper Fidelis”. It means “Always Faithful”; “Always” being the operative word. American warriors from every generation pledge that no one will be left behind on the battlefield. Thank you Mr. Barber for providing a much needed wake up call – reminding all Americans that our moral obligation to remain true to our values has no expiration date.

    Semper Fi,
    David K Winnett Jr
    Captain, USMC (Ret.)

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