Kids and Safe Concealed Carry Tips

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As more women apply for, and get, concealed carry permits, they worry about the safety of their kids. This only makes sense. No mother or caregiver wants a child to be harmed by a firearm. This concern has caused many holster manufacturers to design safer carry methods for women. Follow the holster carry tips below for safe carry of a firearm.

Trigger Guard:

If you prefer to carry your weapon in a holster, make sure that you check the holster’s retention and trigger safety features before you buy. Many women have gone with the molded Kydex concealed carry holster or something similar. This type of rigid holster completely covers the trigger guard but also provides for superior retention (the weapon will not fall out of it).

For parents that carry (especially mothers), trigger guard security is crucial. A covered trigger guard prevents accidental discharges while taking the weapon out of the holster. Also, it prevents a child from accidentally pulling the trigger if they are climbing all over you—a common occurrence for some active kids.

HolsterRetention System:

No one, including your kids, needs to have access to your weapon while you are carrying it other than you. This is where retention systems come into play. They prevent anyone from getting your weapon without first activating the retention feature.

Some systems use push buttons to release the weapon from the holster. Others types use special molds to keep the weapon secure. When your holster has a superior retention system, you can feel free to play as hard as you want with your kids without having to worry about the weapon falling out or little fingers pulling it out of the holster.

Bag or Purse Carry:

It should be noted right up front that most firearm experts NEVER recommend carrying a loose firearm in a bag or purse. This can lead to all kinds of problems including accidental discharges. The better, and safer, option is to shop for a purse or bag that has been designed with a safe, functional holster incorporated into it. In addition, any time you are not in possession of your loose firearm in a purse or bag, someone else (like your child) can rummage in the bag and get hold of the weapon.

A good concealed carry bag will be equipped with a holster that can retain the weapon securely and will also provide for some form of trigger guard. Better quality bags will allow for fast access as well should you need to remove the weapon. Keep in mind, however, these are not child proof. A curious child, with enough time, may be able to get to the weapon.

Women today have options for their concealed weapons; invest some time in finding the option that will best fit your needs. This is time well spent.

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Tips for First Concealed Carry Weapon for Women

Weapon Tips for First Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed Carry for WomenIt is common knowledge that more women are now carrying concealed weapons than ever before. The primary reason for this increase is self-protection. With violent crimes on the rise, it only makes sense that women want to be able to protect themselves and their families. For many women, however, knowledge of what type of pistol to carry may be lacking. This article looks at some of the most important issues all women need to address before they purchase their first concealed carry weapon.

Concealed Carry Site and Size

Before you purchase your weapon determine where on your person you will carry the weapon. Where you carry the weapon will determine the best size of weapon for you. For instance, if you plan to carry your weapon in an ankle holster, you will not want to purchase a large-frame pistol or revolver. By that same token, if you plan to carry your weapon in a shoulder holster, you will want to avoid very small frame weapons as these can be difficult to remove from most shoulder rigs.

Concealed Carry Weapon Weight

One of the most common mistakes both men and women make when buying their first concealed carry weapon is buying one that simply weighs too much. Carrying a large-frame .45 with a full magazine, for instance, can become a burden for many people. What generally happens when a woman buys a weapon that weighs too much is she stops carrying her weapon. If your heart is set on carrying a heavier weapon, then take your time selecting the best type of holster for carrying that amount of weight. A shoulder holster or hip holster will make carrying your weapon much easier. Also, there are a many purse holsters available today that include an interior holster that is easy to get to, as well as being perfect for those who want to carry a heavier weapon.

Best Caliber for a Woman’s Conceal Carry Weapon

The old adage “bigger is better” does not necessarily apply to concealed weapons in terms of caliber. A well-placed .38 bullet will drop an assailant as easily as a well-placed .45 bullet. The key to any caliber being effective is aim. A large caliber round is useless if you cannot hit what you are aiming at. For this reason, it is highly advisable that women spend some time actually firing a variety of calibers before selecting one. Most of the better gun shops have access to firing ranges where customers can fire off a few rounds from different types of pistols before having to make the actual purchase. This is time well invested.

Concealed Carry Weapon Feel

It is imperative that the weapon you choose as your carry gun feel right in your hands. Knowing how a weapon feels in your hands is part practical assessment and part intuition. In other words, you “know” when a particular weapon feels right and when one does not. In practical terms, the grip of the weapon should fit comfortably in your hand. You should be able to grasp the grip with your fingers solidly wrapped around the grip. If the grip is too large for your hand size, you will not be able to properly control the weapon when it is fired. This could cause the weapon to jump from your hands altogether; something no one wants to experience. If the grip is too small for your hand size, it will be hard to aim properly. Ask any experienced female shooter and she will tell you that you simply “know” when a weapon is right for you or not. Trust your instincts.