Mission Kidpossible. Hersheypark and the Propper Ice Polo!

I will not tell a lie. I am not fond of amusement parks. I love rollercoasters, all the wicked cool rides and stuffing junk food into my mouth when the opportunity arises. However, I do not enjoy hords of hot sweaty people pushing and shoving their way past me to be first in line at the new roller coaster. So, yesterday when my wife informed me that we would be taking the two younger children to Hersheypark to make use of their season passes, I immediately went into mission mode. How could I best gear up for this mission and make it back alive to serve the Patriot nation’s needs?

The first thing that came to mind was how hot and muggy it has been here in central Pennsylvania lately. My mind then started wandering to all the hot sweaty bodies pushing past me, the water rides my kids would want to ride and the water misting fans that all amusement parks have these days. What apparel would best fit the mission? Two items we carry came to mind. The Propper Ice Polo shirt and the Rothco Khaki Vintage Paratrooper Cargo Shorts. Two of my go to items for both comfort and style.

Rothco Khaki Vintage Paratrooper Shorts

Vintage Paratrooper Shorts.

When your mission is to survive the battle of the coasters, two things are essential to me, comfort and functionality. These two items meet the need on both levels. First, I will address the Propper Ice Polo tactical shirt. When I first tested these out, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, come on every tactical gear manufacturer out there is pushing their polo as the best thing since sliced bread. My Propper sales rep is always rocking his, but I thought it was probably because he gets them for free! However, when I tried mine on, I was instantly hooked. Not only are they lightweight, but they feel great. The material is an advanced wicking fabric that dries much faster than cotton. According to Propper, it dries 125% faster. I’m not sure how they came up with that number, but hey, what do I know! I own several of these shirts and they have been washed many times. They have not faded or shrunk at all. The one thing I really like is how wrinkle resistant they are. My wife takes them from the drier and hangs them up in my closet. They do not require any ironong at all. I highly recommend these shirts when you are battling the park in hot muggy weather!

The vintage paratrooper cargo shorts from Rothco have been my go to shorts for years. Not only are they super comfortable, but for a gear head like me, the six storage pockets are perfect for storing all the little goodies kids require on a trip to Hersheypark. I can easily stow my wallet, keys, water bottles for the kids and even my wifes wallet. She hates carrying anything in the park so I get to be the pack mule! The button down pocket closures also keeps everything in your pockets when you are challenging gravity on Skyrush, Hersheypark’s latest and greatest death defying rollercoaster. The shorts are also super soft and durable since they are made from a cotton twill blend. The other thing that is nice is the zipper fly. A lot of BDU shorts tend to have a button fly and can be a pain when you have twenty dads lined up at the head (urinal for all you civilians out there). Not only will you feel great in these, they will last because of their durability.

So, I survived my mission and am back on base here at Patriot Surplus. The next time you are leaving the safety of the wire and heading into the trenches of the amusement park, don some Rothco shorts and an Ice Polo from Propper. Not only will you be cool, functional and dry. That punk kid rocking Chuck Taylors will think twice about butting in line because of how badass you will look! Rock on Patriots and head out to the amusement park trenches.

Propper Ice Polo

Don’t trade style for performance. Get both with our Ice Polo Shirts.


Stay on the Lookout for New Camouflage Patterns

MultiCam Propper CoatMilitary.com is reporting that Army uniform officials have tapped five companies to develop a new family of camouflage patterns as part of the Phase IV Camouflage efforts. A January 10th announcement from military officials notes that these vendors will develop camouflage-patterened material for both uniforms and equipment. Final products will be field tested later this year and evaluated for their performance.

The five companies chosen are solid. One is Crye Precision LLC, which developed MultiCam, a camouflage pattern that the Army chose in 2010 to replace the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) in Afghanistan. As we already know, MultiCam is of incredibly high quality and in our store, we offer a full selection of MultiCam gear. Other companies chosen to make the new camo include ADS, Inc. (in conjunction with Hyperstealth, Inc.), Brookwood Companies, Inc., and Kryptek, Inc. Also included in the race is a government pattern that was developed at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center.

“These selectees were chosen following a rigorous technical evaluation backed by solid scientific analyses and incorporating critical Soldier input from the field,” Program Executive Soldier spokeswoman Debi Dawson said in the media announcement.

We know that back in the fall, Army uniform officials wrapped up tests in which 900 soldiers completed digital picture surveys of camouflage patterns under consideration. We’ll be curious to see what happens with the patterns and with MultiCam in the running, it’s sure to be interesting.

Patriot Surplus Proud to be an Authorized Distributor for Oscar Mike Foundation Apparel


If there’s one thing we’re always up for supporting, it’s our military. C’mon. It’s a no-brainer. We’re veterans and we know what veterans have sacrificed for this country. So, when we heard about The Oscar Mike Foundation, we couldn’t wait to do our part to help this amazing cause.

The Oscar Mike Foundation is a charitable apparel line and foundation founded by a former U.S. Marine named Noah Currier. Now, Noah is an amazing guy. After a tragic accident left him paralyzed, Noah went on to found this organization, which is completely supported by veterans. The mission? Use comfortably engineered materials, better fitting apparel, and fresh designs to build a powerhouse military clothing brand that’s designed to help disabled veterans.

Today, the Oscar Mike Foundation is a proud supporter of Paralyzed Veterans of America and Disabled American Veterans. Its hallmark is an extensive veterans apparel line that’s designed to take military clothing to a whole new level. These military t-shirts and sweatshirts feature fresh designs that stay true to the organization and our military. The best part is that 10% of the proceeds from the sale of any Oscar Mike Foundation t-shirt, sweatshirt, or item goes directly to The Oscar Mike Foundation, which uses 100% of its donations to help disabled veterans. This is more than looking good in military apparel. This is about doing good – real good – with made in the USA clothing by veterans. That’s right. Not made overseas. Made in America – with quality in mind.

Patriot Surplus is the only authorized distributor of Oscar Mike Foundation apparel besides the foundation itself. We are proud and excited to work with Noah and his foundation as we offer service members, veterans, and their supporters high-quality clothing that honors our own. To shop the selection and help disabled veterans, just visit our Oscar Mike Foundation Apparel brand page.

To learn more about the mission of the Oscar Mike Foundation and Oscar Mike apparel, check out OscarMike.org.


Be a Hero at your Next Party with Military Halloween Costumes from PatriotSurplus.com

Top Gun Olive Drab Flight Suit

Top Gun Olive Drab Flight Suit

Halloween is a great time for all of us. Free candy, costume contests, and the chance to be Maverick for a day. Every boy wants to be a soldier and every guy wants to be in Top Gun. If this sounds like how you’ll want to spend your Halloween, be sure to check out these military costume how-to guides. We’ve taken some of the best military-inspired Halloween costumes (from both Hollywood and the battlefield) and broken them down to the essentials so you can equip yourself with everything you need at Patriot Surplus. Just pick a costume and follow the guides:

Maverick from Top Gun: “Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower.” Maverick is every guy’s dream costume. Okay, maybe not every guy, but if you’re cool enough to want to be Tom Cruise’s most memorable character (without the couch jumping), then we’ve got you covered with the right costume essentials. You can be Maverick with an olive drab flight suit, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and black jungle boots. You’ll need a hot shot attitude to go with it, but we don’t sell that…yet.

Patton: You may never be a Patton, but at least you can pay homage to his memory and outstanding leadership by dressing up as him this Halloween. You’ll need a G.I. Helmet, shirt, tie, Ike jacket, leather gloves, Jopdhur pants, riding crop, boost, and a shit ton of medals.

Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds: Pure unadulterated badass. Put together a blue double breasted coat (a blue BDUshirt works), belt with knife holster, gigantic knife (prop preferred, of course), blue scarf, black pants, black boots, moustache, and a side part to strike fear into the hearts of every Nazi.

Rambo: A Halloween classic that everyone will recognize. Grab a bushy haired wig, a red bandana headband, a pair of BDU pants, jungle boots, dog tags, a black tank top, and a bullet belt.

SWAT Team Member: Walking into a party or taking the kids around the block to trick or treat just got a lot more interesting. Alright, so this might scare the neighbors a bit, but that’s half the fun. A SWAT team costume is well worth it to make an impression, especially if you want to play a prank on a friend or a coworker later on. To put together this costume, you’ll need black jungle boots, fingerless duty gloves, knee pads, a black Ranger vest, a black SWAT tee, and a pair of black BDU pants.

G.I. Joe: An American classic, G.I. Joe is a great costume idea for any guy. I mean, c’mon, who DOESN’T want to be an action figure? To get this costume right, you need to make it yourself. Not sure what’s up with all of this G.I. Joe ninja crap, but if you look in costume stores, that’s all you’re going to find. To become America’s hero, you need is a pair of olive drab BDU pants, black jungle boots, a solid military t-shirt, dog tags, an olive drab military shirt, and a G.I. style helmet.

Group Costume Idea – The A-Team: Going with a group? Get together with the guys and really make an entrance. Explosives optional. The A-Team is a memorable costume idea that’s sure to win any costume competition. With Mr. T in the mix, how can you lose? To make up this costume, here’s what you’ll need for each member:

  • Mr. T: Denim bib overalls, red long-sleeved shirt, a full beard, mohawk, and lots of gold chains.
  • Hannibal: White hair, fatigues, jungle boots, leather gloves, and a cigar.
  • Howlin Mad Murdock: Black baseball cap, leather bomber jacket, t-shirt, and BDU pants.
  • Lt. Faceman Peck: Volumizing hair spray, a slick dinner blazer suit jacket, a white button down, khakis, and a belt.

As for the kids, we’ve got plenty of opportunities to find the right Halloween costume. Your kid can be a sailor, marine, soldier, or pilot with our flight suits, kids military clothing, and kids army costumes. We also have lots of cool accessories like patches and canteens. Don’t forget about glow sticks to help you light your way as you trick or treat through the neighborhood!

Stay tuned. In our next post, we’ll serve up some military Halloween costume ideas for the ladies.

Putting Together Your Warrior Dash Battle Uniform

Marine Corps Shirt: WE FIGHT WHAT YOU FEARThe Warrior Dash isn’t an event for the faint of heart. If your heart pounds at the thought of beer and turkey legs and your adrenaline rushes at the sound of your boots splashing through the mud, then you’re most certainly ready to prove yourself as a warrior.  Want to learn more about the race? Check out the Warrior Dash website for details and to see if there’s an event near you.

In a nutshell, it’s a hardcore obstacle race that challenges your physical and mental ability. You’ll slog through mud, jump through fire, and hurdle over barricades. At the end, you get a free beer and food. What’s not to love?

At Patriot Surplus, we have (almost) everything you need to prepare for your run through the course. Here are some essentials to suit up with for your next Warrior Dash:

  • Ass Kicking Boots. You know what we’re talking about. These are boots that can stomp fear and crush just about any terrain you may encounter. The Warrior Dash course is thick with mud, tree branches, rocks, and yes, fire. Choose something durable and lightweight that you can run comfortably in, like a pair of Belleville Kiowa Multicam Combat Boots or another pair of lightweight boots from our selection. Don’t want to go for boots? A pair of broken in running shoes will do.
  • A Comfortable – but Tough T-Shirt. This isn’t a day at the park. It’s a filthy, sweat, hot mess of an event that tests the mind and the body. Push yourself to the limit, comfortably, with a surplus military tee or other lightweight t-shirt from our selection. Want to show off your years of military training (and strike fear into the hearts of the competition)? Try one of our military printed tees.
  • Slick Eyewear. Mud, dust, foliage…it’s all going to be in your face in the race, so make sure your eyes are protected. Go with a pair of G.I. Type Sun, Wind, & Dust Goggles. Or, if you want a bit more style and attitude, there’s always a pair of Aviator sunglasses. That’s right, Top Gun. You’re ready for anything.
  • Your Best Beard. We don’t sell these, but here’s a best beard award. Really.

Don’t want to go the traditional route? Some Warriors who participate in the Dash dress up as war heroes, gladiators, or Vikings. It’s all in good fun, and hey, it’s your call on what you want to wear.

When you check in and pick up your packet on the day of the Dash, you’ll get a race bib with safety pins, a chip timer, a t-shirt, a Warrior Helmet, and any extra helmets or eye black that you’ve purchased. You’re going to get filthy when you run, so wear clothes or a costume that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Also, bring a change of clothes with you. Trust us on this one.