We Have a Problem with Homegrown Radical Islam

 We Have a Problem with Homegrown Radical Islam

Homegrown Radical Islam

This is hard to stomach fellow citizens. Homegrown radical Islam has reared it’s ugly head in Colorado. I struggle to understand why in the world a natural born US citizen would want to join ISIS, a barbaric terrorist group consisting of radical Islamists who hate America. Their stated mission is to kill us all. A 19-year-old Colorado teenager, Shannon Conley, plead guilty Wednesday to trying to help the militant Islamic State. The plea deal in the terrorism case requires her to give authorities information about other Americans with the same intentions.

Shannon Conley was wearing a black and brown headscarf over her striped jail jumpsuit as she entered the plea in federal court to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine is what she faces when she is sentenced in January. But don’t worry fellow Patriots, the prosecutor has already stated they will seek a reduced sentence for her as long as she cooperates with authorities. Is it just me or shouldn’t a citizen who willfully sought to join a terrorist organization hell bent on killing us be given no reduction in their sentence? This is homegrown radical Islam folks.

Conley’s public defender, Robert Pepin stated after her hearing that she has been horrified by the atrocities committed by the Islamic State group since her arrest and offered her condolences to those who have been caught up in its slaughter and oppression. Really? I’m sure James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s families are supremely grateful for her regrets. Court documents showed that she wanted to aid ISIS swith her skills as a nurses aid and the skills she learned during her time in the US Army Explorer program.

The following news report is an interesting peek into the lamestream mainstream media coverage. My question to the news station is why they had to so opportunistically and repeatedly show this homegrown terrorist in her US Army Explorer battle dress uniform with her traditional Islamic headwrap. They show the same images over and over throughout the report. Why do you think they did that? Here is the video.

Tell us what you think fellow patriots.

Military Homecomings

Military Homecomings

Have you ever been at an airport and seen the many military service men and women waiting for flights? I always wonder if they are leaving or coming home. At times, we tend to take for granted all the service men and women serving our country at home and abroad. These brave men and women bravely leave their families behind as they deploy and do their jobs. They spends months in less than ideal conditions. Many stare into the face of the enemy on a daily basis. When they return home, some of the best military homecomings occur.

Over the last decade, these heroes have endured deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have been separated from their families for extended periods of time. They have done their job and deserve the best when they come home. These homecomings have been caught on video time after time. We’ve found one of the best videos of these military homecomings.

Get the tissues out, this video is an awesome compilation of military homecomings.

Military Homecomings Video

Didn’t get enough tears out from our video pick? Welcome Home Blog is a whole website devoted to military homecomings. Check them out for some happy tear moments!

With Budget Cuts, Can the Army Achieve Mission Anymore?

A Smaller Army

Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, salute during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner during a homecoming ceremony Feb. 27 in Fort Knox, Ky.

Last month the Pentagon unveiled its proposed budget for 2015 and according to the US Department of Defense it falls far short of their needs. In fact, the proposed size of the Army is the lowest since World War II. Army General John F. Campbell told members of the readiness subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee that the current level of funding for fiscal year 2015 will allow the Army to sustain current readiness levels, but is not enough to do more than generate the minimum level of readiness required to fulfill the defense strategy.

Additionally, Campbell stressed that if sequestration reductions occur as planned in fiscal year 2016 and beyond, then manning, readiness and modernization efforts will be severely harmed and the Army will not be able to sustain their strategic guidance. This is pretty grim information coming from top level military personnel.

Obama Signs Budget Control Act

President Obama signs the Budget Control Act of 2013 and sets in motion a massive draw down of the military forces.

Because of the 2013 Budget Control Act, the Army has had to cancel seven combat training rotations and they have had to significantly reduce home station training and development. This has an incredibly negative impact not only on readiness but it also impacts leader development. If these units had to deploy today should a crisis arise, they simply would not be at top readiness to carry out their mission. This is not only bad for the mission, but it also places our military personnel in harm’s way without all the tools they need to succeed. This could lead to higher casualty rates as they carry out their mission.

These budget cuts could quite literally cripple the Army for years to come. When you cut your active duty forces from 490,000 soldiers to 450,000 it represents a significant cut of forces. In fact, the Army is cutting more active duty soldiers than all the other services combined. The Army will also endure cuts to their investment in next generation weapon systems. They will instead have to rely on upgrades to their current arsenal of weapons. Some experts think that the Army will have to forego new weapon systems until possibly the year 2020. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has indicated that if the Army is forced to comply with the budget caps set in place currently, the Army force will have to be lowered to 420,000. At this level, they cannot sustain foreign operations currently underway.

Honorable DischargeAll these budget cuts mean that a lot of military personnel will be separated from the service against their will. This spring alone, the Army had to identify up to 2000 captains and majors for early separation. I can tell you from experience that these warriors will not want to be separated against their will. When the military decides you are no longer an asset to them and you disagree, guess who is going to win? At this point, it is a numbers game to the department of defense and there is no mercy when cuts occur.

Army leaders have expressed frustration because they feel that the savings the budget targets are arbitrary and disconnected from our current military strategy. Military leaders have repeatedly been called upon to take cuts at home and abroad in the overseas wars as they wind down operations. Is this the beginning of the end of an era for the Army? It begs the question of how committed the military is to taking care of those who have sacrificed over the last twelve years of war.

In my opinion, the department of defense should be doing everything they can to assist these warriors as they transition to civilian life. We can never forget our wounded warriors, those who paid the ultimate price and the thousands of Gold Star families.  Budget cuts aside, these are the people who fought for our freedom at home and abroad.