Complying with Police – Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Jarrett Maupin isn’t known for complying with police officers. He is a Phoenix, Arizona activist who has been extremely critical of the police. Specifically, he has been very vocal about police use of force. In an interesting turn of events, he agreed to undergo a day of law enforcement training that focuses on use of deadly force on the job. He underwent a use of force scenarios exercise with a local police department recently. Guess what? He completely reversed his view on the police and the use of deadly force. In short, he had a change of heart.

According to local television station KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, Maupin helped lead several marches on Phoenix police headquarters in recent months. He was protesting a recent police shooting of an unarmed man. Maupin was caught on video at a protest shouting, “We want his badge, we want his gun, we want his job.”  But what would happen if Maupin experienced what it’s like to actually wear a badge, and be put in a life or death situation? The activist agreed to undergo a standard use of force training exercise with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department where he was had to decide whether to shoot or not to shoot in three different scenarios.

Complying with the Police

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In the first scenario, Maupin was tasked with breaking up an argument. “What’s going on today gentlemen, what are you doing?” he asked the suspects. The situation quickly escalated and got physical. One of the unarmed subjects rushed Maupin and he shot the suspect. “Hey, he rushed me … I shot because he was in that zone, I didn’t see him armed, he came clearly to do some harm to my person,” he explained to the Fox affiliate. “It’s hard to make that call; it shakes you up.”

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In his second training scenario a suspect hides behind a car where he pulled a gun and shot him. “When he came to the back of the vehicle and started hiding, I could sense something was wrong,” Maupin said he didn’t react in time. Had it been a real world scenario, he would be dead.

In the third and final scenario, Maupin successfully managed to detain a suspect on the ground. Unbeknownst to Maupin however, the suspect had a knife in his waistband. Once the training exercise was completed, the activist said he had a change of heart. “I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; yes my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply for their own sake.”

Complying with police officers is critical. If a law officer tells you to get on the ground, do so. If an officer tells you to put your hands behind your back so he can cuff you, get handcuffed. When you choose to not follow a police officer’s commands and make the decision to fight, there is a strong chance you are going to get hurt at the minimum or at worst killed. It is not worth fighting a police officer who is simply enforcing the law and trying to make it home to his family safe and alive. Live to fight another day in the court system. Yes, there are some cops who abuse authority. Yes, the court system isn’t always fair. But, by complying with police officers during a police involved situation, you will live to fight another day.

Here is the full body camera footage from Maupin’s simulation, and how police debriefed him on what happened.

Open Carry Laws and Drop Leg Holsters

Rothco Deluxe Adjustable Drop Leg HolsterDid you know that many states allow for open carry of a hand gun?  In fact there are only seven states that outright prohibit open carry of a side arm.  The laws in the United States regarding open carry of handguns vary by state. The following is the full list of open carry states and the conditions attached.

Often, customers ask us why would a civilian even need to open carry using a drop leg holster?  We explore several practical situations on our product page for the Rothco Deluxe Adjustable Drop Leg Holster.  This is a very versatile adjustable holster that is made of heavyweight 600 denier polyester. Click here for more information.

States that permit open carry without requiring the citizen to apply for any permit or license:

  • Alaska
  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
States that permit open carry with restrictions:

  • Utah
  • North Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
States that prohibit open carry:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington D.C.
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • South Carolina
  • New York
  • Florida.

One of the questions that comes up is the practicality of open carry. Are there some legitimate situations that being able to open carry would be beneficial? We believe there are many situations where a drop leg holster is the best choice when open carrying.  Click here for more educational information on drop leg holsters.



Tactical Athletes – We Have Your Gear

Propper LS1You’re at the peak of your physical performance. You can go harder, faster, and longer than the rest of your squad. You’re a tactical athlete and just another day at the office for you usually means running at breakneck speed, dodging, jumping, bounding, and kicking some serious ass. Now, we’ve got a line of clothing that can keep up with you.

The Propper LS1 collection is designed for the tactical athlete – after all, this is a line that was developed with the latest in tactical engineering in mind. Built to last and designed for comfort, Propper LS1 clothing gives you maximum mobility and durability so that you can kick ass and take names without having to worry about a split seam or a shortened gait. The Propper LS1 collection features everything from base layers to outerwear to make sure that your uniform is complete with high performance gear to match your high octane job. After all, you’re demanded to go above and beyond in a day’s work – shouldn’t your uniform do the same for you?

With the Propper LS1 Collection, you get that promise of performance and more. These tactical shirts, pants, and outwear showcase features like moisture wicking fabrics, comfortable cuts that allow for greater range of motion, quiet closures, and pockets to keep all of your essential gear close at hand. Finally – you’ve got tactical gear that can meet your demands for performance.

Introducing the Propper SWEEP Collection

Propper SWEEP

Propper SWEEP Job Shirt

Your job demands speed, agility, and the ability to adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice. You demand more from your uniform to keep up. Thankfully, Propper has your back at every step of the way with its new collection of SWEEP tactical clothing and gear. Designed to help you keep a low profile when you’re doing surveillance, tactical drills, or undercover work, Propper SWEEP clothing is designed for the maximum performance and comfort you need while out in the field.

The Propper SWEEP collection includes hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, tactical shirts, jackets, and vests that blur the line between on-duty and off-duty with casual styling that keeps you blended in easily in an urban environment while offering convenient concealment for magazines, cell phones, your badge, or other essentials. Propper SWEEP gear keeps you on the move and focused on your mission without having to worry about being spotted.

Patriot Surplus is now proud to carry this collection of tactical gear by Propper. Check out our selection today and save on these must-have tactical shirts, pants, and outerwear for security detail, surveillance personnel, or undercover police work. Trust us, patriots – you’ve never seen tactical gear like this that keeps your profile low and your body prepared for whatever comes next.

Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas from Patriot Surplus

If you’ve been putting off finding a Halloween costume until now, no worries – we’ve got you covered. Patriot Surplus can be your source for Halloween costume must-haves, especially if you’re going with military standby costume ideas.

This year, we’ve been thinking about what sorts of Halloween 2012 costumes you can put together with some of our law enforcement  hunting, and tactical gear. So far, here’s what we’ve come up with:

Indiana Jones: Put Harrison Ford to shame and remind the world of why archaeology is so friggin’ awesome by going as Indiana Jones to your next Halloween party. To make this costume, you’ll need a brown leather fighter jacket, a long-sleeved khaki tactical shirt, tan pants, brown boots, a fedora, a whip, brown belt, and satchel. Let your scruff grow in a bit and you’re ready to storm the Temple of Doom. Or the snack table. Your choice.

Rosie the Riveter: You can do it! This homemade costume is a favorite among lady patriots. To create the look, you’ll need a blue denim collared button down with the sleeves rolled up past the elbow, red lipstick, victory roll hairstyle, and a red bandana.

Plastic Army Man: If you love Toy Story or miss the nostalgia of those little green guys dotting your game board or toy chest, then you’ll definitely love this Halloween costume idea. To go as a green Army figurine, start out by grabbing plenty of green body paint for your face and hands. Next, suit up in olive green BDUs, including a green army coat, green army pants, and green army belt. Green boots, too. Finally, grab a can of green spray paint and spray paint a toy machine gun or walkie talkie to carry with you. For the plastic standee bottom, cut out pieces of cardboard, spray paint them green, and attach them to the bottom of your boots. Top it off with a green G.I. helmet.

Swamp Witch: If you’ve seen the movie Legend, then you’ll get where this is coming from. The swamp witch is a cool idea if you have a ghillie suit laying around that you want to put to good use. Start out by putting on your ghillie suit and other camo gear. Then, add a witch mask to freak out your friends, or if you have the time and talent, a prosthetic nose, ears, and some nasty teeth. Colored contacts optional. Stringy hair, whether natural or a wig, will top things off. Add claws and a staff or wand and you’re ready to scare the bejeezus out of any trick or treater that darkens your doorstep.

Officer _____: There are plenty of pop culture police officers who make us laugh (like Bill Hader and Seth Rogan’s characters in Superbad) . Think of a movie or TV show with famous cop characters that either kick ass or make us bust a gut and dress up with our light blue long-sleeve police uniform shirt, blue police uniform pants, aviator sunglasses, tactical belt, and badge. Add cuffs and flashlight for playing manhunt – or giving your buddy a whack when he tries to steal the candy from the kids. The key to pulling off your character will be all about the hair and the personality. (P.S. – is Reno 911 more your style? Then switch it up with a khaki police uniform shirt and brown pants – or short shorts).

Got more great ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

Introducing 5.11 Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical Gear at Patriot Surplus

5.11 Tactical Gear at Patriot Surplus

Patriots, we’re excited. Really excited. Like the most excited about something we’ve been in awhile. The reason? Numbers. But not just any numbers. We’re talking about the number 5.11. That’s right. Patriot Surplus is now a proud carrier of 5.11 tactical gear.

5.11 tactical gear is THE source for law enforcement tactical gear, clothing, and equipment. From footwear to undergear, law enforcement must-haves by 5.11 are trusted by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals around the country – and that’s only the beginning. Besides being the top choice of tactical gear and tactical apparel for law enforcement, 5.11 tactical gear is used by military professionals, security personnel, and others who serve in uniform. Why? Because 5.11 tactical gear is built on a foundation of improving performance. The gear itself is designed to improve the safety, speed, and accuracy of law enforcement and military professionals. 5.11 outfits you from head to toe with the essentials for getting the job done – and it’s what you expect from your tactical gear. Pure and simple.

From bags to watches, Patriot Surplus has you covered with our selection of 5.11 tactical gear. Shop our selection today and join the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals who rely on 5.11 tactical gear to support them with performance, durability, comfort, and efficiency. You protect and serve – but 5.11 helps protect and serve you.


Introducing Magnum Boots

Magnum Spider 8.1 Hpi Multicam #5380

Magnum Spider 8.1 Hpi Multicam #5380

Those in the military and law enforcement fields have long heard about Magnum boots and finally, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added Magnum boots and Magnum tactical footwear to the selection at Patriot Surplus.

Magnum boots were designed in the field, so they know what you’re looking for from the right boot. Designed to get the job done, Magnum boots come in military styles, as well as in options for women, work, safety, and law enforcement. You can see a full run-down of the Magnum boots and Magnum tactical footwear in our selection here.

Why choose Magnum? Well, they’re sexy for one thing (these boots look awesome), but for the other, they really do offer some amazing performance. Here are some features you’ll find built into Magnum boots:

OrthoLite Insoles: Comfortable foam insoles are key to keeping you moving in your boots. Luckily, Magnum boots use OrthoLite footbeds to give you comfort from the inside out. OrthoLite footbeds offer long term cushioning, anti-microbial protection, moisture management, breathability, and lightweight performance. Plus, they’re washable – just throw ‘em in the washing machine and they come out like new.

Vibram Rubber Soles: We’ve all heard about the superior grip, comfort, and durability of Vibram rubber soles, and now, you can get this world-famous performance in Magnum boots. Vibram rubber soles can be found on many Magnum boots options, including the new Sidewinder line which has fast rope portection built right into the outsole.

Ion-Mask Technology by P2i: Ion-Mask technology is an award winning ultra protective surface enhacement that works at the molecular level to deliver supreme protection when you’re in uniform. After all, this technology was originally developed for military clothing to protect against chemical agents.

Cambrelle: Cambrelle linings in Magnum boots offer comfort, durability, and moisture management that you demand in your tactical footwear. Cambrelle keeps your foot comfortable, cool, and dry all day long, making it ideal for use Magnum tactical boots and Magnum military boots.

SuperFabric: There’s a reason this is called SuperFabric. This unique material is the ultimate in performance, protection, and comfort and you’ll find it in Magnum footwear. Featured in the Magnum Spider and Magnum Sidewinder, SuperFabric protects your uppers from abrasion damage caused by fast roping, as well as cuts and punctures while remaining super flexible.

Agion Antimicrobial Treatments: Agion is a slow-releasing compound with antimicrobial properties that uses silver ions to help counter bacterial growth that usually occurs with increased humidity and temperature. As you wear your Magnum boots all day long, Agion will work to keep you protected from bacteria and odor.

Hextraction: Magnum’s indoor collection of slip resistant footwear uses a new technology that protects you from slipping at a microscopic level. Each boot or shoe with this technology has been tested on sleet, quarry tile, chequer plate and other surfaces with water and glycerol. It’s one of the best lines of defence against slips, trips, or falls.

And these are just a few of the things you can expect from Magnum. Ready to give Magnum boots a try for yourself? Check out our newest additions. You’ll find options for the police officer, professional, and soldier. You name the job and there’s a Magnum boot that’s the perfect fit.

Law Enforcement Gear at Patriot Surplus

Patriot Surplus Law Enforcement Gear

Patriot Surplus Law Enforcement Gear

Many of our customers first come to us when they’re active in the military. While they serve, we provide them with military combat boots, BDUs, ACUs, ABUs, and other essential gear. Once they leave the military, we support our patriots with military and outdoor apparel, surplus gear, and other great finds to show support for our troops. But did you know that we can also keep up with our customers’ needs once they leave the military and enter law enforcement? Many people who serve in the military go on to serve in a variety of law enforcement capacities. Regonizing this need, we’ve been revamping our law enforcement gear selection so that we can deliver to our patriots, no matter what stage of their lives they’re

We’ve been busy expanding our selection of law enforcement gear, which includes everything from tactical equipment and duty gear to police tactical boots to armor and protective vests. We also have police insignia, bags, holsters, flashlights, cuffs, tools, gloves, outerwear, and weapon accessories to help you as you continue to protect and serve. You’ll also find some of the best law enforcement gear available in our selection, from top brands like:

  • Altama
  • Magnum
  • Propper
  • Tru-Spec
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Rothco
  • Ultra Force
  • Blackhawk

As always, we offer the same top quality brands you’ve come to expect from us, plus the customer service you love and appreciate. Whether you’re looking for the right law enforcement gear for your own setup or your entire force, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

As always – we love getting your feedback. Check out our expanded selection of law enforcement gear, police tactical boots, and more and let us know what you think!