>TRU-SPEC Layer III: Fleece Weight Cold Weather Jacket

>TRU-SPEC Layer III: Fleece Weight Cold Weather Jacket

The Tru-Spec GEN-III ECWCS LEVEL-3 TOP is now available at Patriot Surplus. This handsome, rugged jacket is the single most popular component of the military’s seven-layer ECWCS system and is used with equal frequency and effectiveness as a stand-alone jacket or as an additional layer of insulation. The Layer III jacket is constructed of 6.4 ounce Polartec Thermal Pro 100% polyester high-pile-velour fabric, a high technology fabric which creates air pockets that trap air to retain body heat, thus providing unmatched warmth without adding weight. The material is also very quick drying, affords excellent breathability, and packs down into a very compact size. Features include:

-Center front opening;
-Raglan sleeves;
-Grid fleece side panels for increased breathability and enhanced moisture wicking;
-Two internal upper chest pockets;
-Nylon reinforcements at the collar and elbows;
-Name and rank loop on right and left chest.
Colors: Foliage Green or Black

  • Constructed of 6.4oz. Tru-Spec Performance Plus Thermal Fleece That Meet or Exceed The Requirements of GL/PD–06-03
  • Retains Body Heat
  • Maintains Warmth Without Weight
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable
  • Center Front Zip Opening
  • Nylon Reinforcements In Collar And Elbows
  • Reglan Sleeves
  • Grid Fleece Side Panels
  • 2-Internal Upper Chest Pockets
  • Name And Rank Loop On Right And Left Chest

>Corcoran 1500 Jump Boots

>To all our fans, it has been an unbelievable summer and fall. It seems like we have been going non-stop since our last blog post. The truth is we have been! In addition to some technical upgrades on the site, we are starting to implement 360 degree photos for our Corcoran boot line. Here is a great sample:


The Corcoran 1500 jump boot offers firm footing in aircraft and extra protection for landing after a parachute jump.


  • All Over Comfort & Performance Spit Shineable Leather
  • Garrison Army Munson Last for Superior Fit
  • Webbing Reinforcement for Ankle Support
  • Special Ribbed Steel Paratrooper Shank for Support
  • Extra Firm Heavy Duty Military Counters and Box Toes
  • DRYZ Moisture/Odor Control Shock Absorbing Cushioned Insole
  • Reinforced Military Tap Oil Resistant Rubber Sole
  • Non-Trip Beveled Heel, Oil Resistant

Click here for more information.

Have a great weekend.

>The Kids of Patriot Surplus

>We get questions all the time about where we are, who we are and what it is like working at Patriot Surplus. I thought I would take some time to show you what it has been like the last week here at Patriot! Our “helpers” have been spending time with us as school is out for the week here in Pennsylvania.

We had Jacob manning the telephones and the live chat service.

He’s such a deep thinker when he’s helping customers use our Brannock sizing chart for ordering boots!

Addy worked the production line like an old pro making sure the orders got out the door to our customers around the world on schedule and in perfect shape! You’ll notice she is wearing the latest in Patriot Surplus fashion. Her sunglasses would make any aviator jealous. Her uncle would be proud of the Navy sailors hat she’s wearing. Of course she is waving the flag for our veteran brothers still at large as POW’s and MIA’s.

Every day at Patriot Surplus is a new and exciting adventure! We receive calls daily from all across the world. Our employees are especially honored to take calls and orders from our soldiers and Marines stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We do our best to accommodate their special shipment needs and orders.

Shipping to APO and FPO military base addresses is our specialty. If you have a service member in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us using any one of the numerous contact methods we employ:

Our website: http://www.patriotsurplus.com/
Our blog: http://blog.patriotsurplus.com/
Twitter: @patriotsurplus
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/Carlisle-PA/Patriot-Surplus/55265000854

717-323-1104 Voice
717-718-6154 Fax
888-608-2266 Toll Free

15 N Hanover St
Carlisle, PA 17013

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>Military Boot Sizing Part 2

>In our last post, we discussed how boots are sized in the United States. In this post, we will discuss boot lasts and the effect they have on the fit of a boot.

A last is the form on which a boot is constructed. It forms the shape of the inside of a boot. The boot last can be straight, curved or even semi-curved. It represents the anatomical form of a foot during the boot’s construction. Each boot last has a particular heel height, toe shape and volume. Many different styles of boots can be made on the same shoe last, but the toe box shape and the heel height will be the same for all styles made on the same boot last. Consequently, the fir of a boot depends on the design, shape and volume of the boot last.

There are several types of lasts and each one is better suited to a certain type of foot shape. A straight last is symmetrical relative to a line on the bottom of a boot from the middle of the heel to the middle of the toe box. A boot built on this type of last is best for neutral walkers who do not overpronate. A curved last curves inward at the insole. A boot built on this type of last would be best for those with a high rigid arch. Lastly, there is a semi curved last which has a slight curve inward at the insole. It is good for those with normal arches and a neutral gait.

Most manufacturers have several last types that they build boots on. Danner for example, has several last types that they build their boots on. They design their military boots around the performance needs of the modern day Marine or soldier. They do not build their fashion and hunting boots on the same last as their military boots. Danner also builds their lasts to half size, not just whole sizes like many manufacturers. This attention to detail is what ensures that all Danner boots built on the same last will fit the same every time.

Understanding that each manufacturer has proprietary last types will assist the consumer in selecting a military boot that best fits their needs. A Belleville boot will not fit the same as an Altama or Corcoran boot. A foreign made boot will not fit the same as a US made boot because the measuring standards overseas are not the same as in the United States. When ordering boots, keep in mind that each manufacturer has slight differences in sizing and fit due to the variety of last types they use in manufacturing. While most of the boots that Patriot Surplus sells are built on the Brannock sizing system, there are a sufficient number of differences in each manufacturers lasts to make how a boot fits slightly different.

In our next post, we will discuss how to measure your feet and order the best size boot for your needs.

>Military Boot Sizing

>At Patriot Surplus, we get calls on a daily basis asking what size boots to order and how to measure your foot for a boot. With this in mind, we are going to put up a series of posts on the blog on boot sizing and what things to consider when measuring your feet for boots. After all, one of the worst things you can do as a soldier or law enforcement officer is mistreat your feet!

Part one of this series will be on how military boots are actually sized. There are many different sizing systems throughout the world. In the United States, sizing is indicated in numbers for the length and letters for the width. For example, 12D indicates a size 12 boot in standard width. Most boot manufacturers in the US such as Belleville, Danner, Corcoran and Matterhorn use the Brannock sizing system.

The Brannock sizing system is linear and sizing starts at size 1. A size 1 on the Brannock system measures 7 2/3 inches long. Each additional size is 1/3″ longer, so a size 2 boot is 8 inches long. There are nine widths in the Brannock system, AAAA, AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE and EEEE. The “D” width is considered to be a medium or standard width. The widths are linear and separated by 3/16 of an inch. The actual width of a “D” boot varies by the size of the boot.

So how do you know what size to order? The best thing you can do is use our printable Brannock sizing chart and actually measure both of your feet. Make sure you measure both of your feet and order the size that best matches the larger of the two.

In the next post, we will discuss boot lasts and how they impact the fit of a boot.

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>Tru-Spec Combat Shirt

The Tactical Response Combat shirt features Cordura Baselayer

22nd March 2009, Wilmington,DE – Invista’s Cordura brand team has announced the launch of Atlanco’s new Tru-Spec brand Tactical Response Combat Shirt featuring Cordura Baselayer fabric. The Tactical Response Combat Shirt is the latest addition to the Tru-Spec brand’s Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) line for tactical operators.

“We are excited to work with the Tru-Spec brand product development team on this new combat shirt for military, tactical, and law enforcement end-users,” said Cindy McNaull, Global Cordura brand Manager. “In addition to servicing today’s warfighters, this collaboration will expand the use of Cordura Baselayer fabric beyond military applications and will affordably equip hometown heroes with the latest protective garment technology. The comfortable, breathable Cordura Baselayer fabric will be a valuable asset to those wearing the new Tactical Response Combat Shirt.”

Designed to be worn under protective vests, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt is a next-to-skin garment constructed with No Melt/No Drip Coordura Baselayer fabric, the secret to the shirt’s protective qualities. The 60/40 cotton-nylon fibre blend reduces the severity of burn injuries by charring instead of melting when exposed to heat. Known for its durability and abrasion-resistant characteristics, Cordura Baselayer fabric provides a comfortable, breathable, lightweight solution with exceptional moisture management properties.

Cordura Baselayer fabric was the obvious choice for us during the TRU combat shirt design process,” said Atlanco’s Vice President of Marketing, Darrell Jacks. “The fabric’s proven performance in military protective gear further motivated our support of the brand’s technology. By utilizing Cordura Baselayer fabric in the TRU Combat Shirt, the Tru-Spec brand team maintains its commitment to making affordable, cutting-edge textile technologies available to individual operators, as well as teams and units.”

Atlanco’s Tru-Spec brand launched its dynamic, full-featured Tactical Response Uniform in 2006 to address the special needs of tactical officers. Since the uniform’s introduction, the TRU line has become a leading choice of tactical teams everywhere.

In addition to exceptional comfort and enhanced safety, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt features a mock turtle neck designed for style and comfort, gusseted sleeves for easy movement, convenient zippered sleeve storage pockets, no shoulder seams to minimize rubbing and chafing, anti-abrasion padded elbow patches, and convenient hook and loop cuff closures. Other elements of the design include a loop on the pockets to easily attach name and rank patches and a glint tape holder for infrared tape.

The Tru-Spec brand Combat shirt’s fully-functional sleeves, based on the original TRU design, are made from Cordura Nyco fabric. Available in two high-performance fabric options, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt features MultiCam sleeves with a Sand colour body and a separate Army Digital version with a Foliage colour body that incorporates 50/50 nylon-cotton No Melt, No Drip rip-stop sleeves in the ACU pattern. The solid colour options, black, olive drab and khaki, are available in 65/35 polyester-cotton rip-stop sleeves but do not provide thermal protection qualities.

The TRU Tactical Response Combat Shirt is available at Patriot Surplus today.

Article courtesy of Innovation in Textiles. Original article link: http://www.innovationintextiles.com/articles/071.php

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>Corcoran and Matterhorn boots are now on Deck at Patriot Surplus. They have a large variety of the Air Force sage green boots available. Here is a sample of the styles available on the site now:

This is the Corcoran 10″ Sage Green Marauder boot. It is approved for Air Force wear.

The Marauder boot features Sage Green fleshout leather, 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, Garrison Army Munson Last for Superior Fit, Webbing Reinforcement for Ankle Support, Extra-Firm Heavy-Duty Military Counters and Toe Boxes, Speed Lace System, Exclusive Dryz Powered by X-Static Insert, Fiberglass Shank, Exclusive Falcon Comfort System, Oil-Resistant, Non-Marking Outsole

Corcoran and Matterhorn boots are made in the United States in Martinsburg, PA. At Cove Shoe, the development, manufacturing and reputation of their premium footwear is not taken lightly. The folks at Corcoran and Matterhorn know their rigidly controlled 125-step manufacturing process is not a mere advertising slogan, but rather it is the necessary process to build footwear that withstands the test of time and defines customer satisfaction. Check out the rest of the styles on our website here.