Spring Cleaning for Your Weapons – Weapon Cleaning Kits

How to Clean a Weapon

The Importance of a Clean Weapon

Whether you are active duty, prior service, a gun enthusiast or simply a person that carries a concealed firearm for personal protection, every situation requires that your weapon is in top form should you need to use it. While selecting a quality weapon is certainly important, maintaining the weapon is of even greater importance. Part of maintaining the weapon is regular cleaning sessions to ensure that the firearm is in proper working order and free of contaminants that can damage the integrity or cause a misfire. In this article, I will show you the proper way to clean a firearm for safe storage between uses.

To clean your weapon, you must first take a few important steps that will help with the cleaning process. First, you will need to have a proper cleaning kit to effectively clean your weapon. Most cleaning kits include various rods and brushes that fit the majority of weapons, as well as accessories such as cleaning patches and mops. Next, you will need to purchase high quality gun oil to ensure effective lubrication of the moving parts within the gun. It is often useful to have a flashlight on hand as well to see into the barrel and other small areas.  Once you have all of the necessary items to clean the gun, you are ready to move on to dis-assembly.

Always Clear the Chamber

Always clear the chamber before cleaning your weapon.Before doing anything to your weapon, it is important to first unload it. Simply removing the magazine is not enough, so be sure to clear the chamber as well to free any bullets within the gun itself. Use your flashlight to look inside the barrel, from the rear, to be sure there are no live rounds lodged inside. Once you are certain that the gun is not loaded, you need to begin disassembling the gun according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not disassemble the weapon more than the manufacturer recommends as this could damage the gun or make it difficult to reassemble. When the gun is safely unloaded and disassembled, you are ready to start the cleaning process!

Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning Your Weapon

Before opening or using any of the cleaning materials, be sure that you are working in a dry, well-ventilated area. The fumes from the chemicals are very strong and you do not want to inhale large amounts as they can make you sick. Be sure than you are using clean rags to rest the firearms on while cleaning to avoid outside dirt or grime from collecting on the weapon parts. Once your work station is established, begin by cleaning the barrel with the proper size rod and patch. Generally, you will want to clean in the same direction that the bullet travels out of the barrel (back to front), however some weapons can be difficult to clean in this manner, so if you opt to clean front to back, be sure to use a muzzle guard to prevent damage.

Cleaning the barrel of the weapon.Push a patch soaked with cleaning solvent through the barrel and then use the bore brush to scrub loose any debris inside. After several front and back motions with the bore brush, shove the cotton patches through the barrel and remove them once they have passed through. When a patch comes out clean, the process is complete and you need to run one final patch through the barrel to dry any moisture. Next, attach the cotton mop to the cleaning rod and apply the gun oil. Pass the mop through the barrel to coat the interior with oil and you have completed the barrel cleaning.

Wiping down your weapon.Next, apply the cleaning solvent to the brush and scrub the action. After it is clean, wipe the action with a clean cloth and then lightly lubricate the action with the gun oil. Be sure to apply only a light coating as a heavy coating will only attract debris and jam the gun. After the barrel and the action have been cleaned and lubricated, reassemble the weapon and wipe it down with a luster cloth. Now that your weapon has been properly cleaned secure it unloaded in a dry environment so it is ready to go the next time you need it!

A clean gun is a happy gun!