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Patriot Surplus Gift Certificates

Patriot Surplus Gift Certificates

Patriots, we’re all about making sure that our customers are happy. We work hard to deliver the best selection of military, tactical, law enforcement, and hunting gear possible so that you can always have the right tools for the job. We place a priority on quality, great pricing, an exceptional service. When it comes to serving our customers, we like to give back, too. And now, us giving back could mean some serious cash to spend at Patriot Surplus.

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Reebok Military Boots: Well-Suited for Any Tactical Athlete

Reebok BootsWhen you think of Reebok, you probably think of sneakers, right? Think again.

Reebok, a division of the Adidas Group, has taken the next step towards providing quality footwear for all types of athletes – including those of the tactical persuasion. If your job requires you to be on the move, able to adapt at any moment, and pushes you to your limits for speed and agility, Reebok wants to serve your needs with its selection of military boots, duty footwear, and work boots. After all, your job demands more of you – why shouldn’t you demand more from your boots?

Reebok boots feature electro static dissipating DR Dual Resisotrs, internal Flex-Met metatarsal guards, injected EVA outsoles, Foot Force Insoles and a durable construction that makes them not only comfortable but also able to meet or exceed ASTM safety standards. Craftsmanship, patriots. Pure craftsmanship.

Patriot Surplus is proud to carry Reebok boots in a variety of styles to suit the needs of any tactical athlete. When you need to gear up, check out Reebok’s line of tactical boots, work boots, and duty footwear in our selection. We offer great pricing, and hey, if you want to know more about Reebok and how it goes from sneaker to military boot without missing a step, give us a call or talk to us on our Live Chat and we’d be happy to answer your questions and give you more info.

Tactical Athletes – We Have Your Gear

Propper LS1You’re at the peak of your physical performance. You can go harder, faster, and longer than the rest of your squad. You’re a tactical athlete and just another day at the office for you usually means running at breakneck speed, dodging, jumping, bounding, and kicking some serious ass. Now, we’ve got a line of clothing that can keep up with you.

The Propper LS1 collection is designed for the tactical athlete – after all, this is a line that was developed with the latest in tactical engineering in mind. Built to last and designed for comfort, Propper LS1 clothing gives you maximum mobility and durability so that you can kick ass and take names without having to worry about a split seam or a shortened gait. The Propper LS1 collection features everything from base layers to outerwear to make sure that your uniform is complete with high performance gear to match your high octane job. After all, you’re demanded to go above and beyond in a day’s work – shouldn’t your uniform do the same for you?

With the Propper LS1 Collection, you get that promise of performance and more. These tactical shirts, pants, and outwear showcase features like moisture wicking fabrics, comfortable cuts that allow for greater range of motion, quiet closures, and pockets to keep all of your essential gear close at hand. Finally – you’ve got tactical gear that can meet your demands for performance.

Introducing the Propper SWEEP Collection

Propper SWEEP

Propper SWEEP Job Shirt

Your job demands speed, agility, and the ability to adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice. You demand more from your uniform to keep up. Thankfully, Propper has your back at every step of the way with its new collection of SWEEP tactical clothing and gear. Designed to help you keep a low profile when you’re doing surveillance, tactical drills, or undercover work, Propper SWEEP clothing is designed for the maximum performance and comfort you need while out in the field.

The Propper SWEEP collection includes hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, tactical shirts, jackets, and vests that blur the line between on-duty and off-duty with casual styling that keeps you blended in easily in an urban environment while offering convenient concealment for magazines, cell phones, your badge, or other essentials. Propper SWEEP gear keeps you on the move and focused on your mission without having to worry about being spotted.

Patriot Surplus is now proud to carry this collection of tactical gear by Propper. Check out our selection today and save on these must-have tactical shirts, pants, and outerwear for security detail, surveillance personnel, or undercover police work. Trust us, patriots – you’ve never seen tactical gear like this that keeps your profile low and your body prepared for whatever comes next.