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christmasThe holidays are here and for quite a few people, that means getting items checked off of their list. Most of us expect to find exactly what we want under the tree on Christmas morning, but in case that didn’t happen – or in case you’re still missing something off your list, Patriot Surplus will have you covered.

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Military Holiday Cheer

To get you into the holiday spirit, we’re turning to those brave men and women in uniform. If you’ve been feeling like the Grinch this Christmas, take a moment to pause and give thanks to those who serve. These are the people who are protecting you day in and day out. They don’t get days off for Christmas. They don’t get to go home to a turkey dinner just because it’s 5:00 p.m. They serve tirelessly and honorably and they deserve our respect – and thanks. But, in the spirit of the season, we also want to celebrate the kindness these brave men and women share with the world.

Here are some of our favorite holiday videos featuring our military. Enjoy them and remember – these people should be celebrated not just on Christmas, but every day of the year!

Get in on Steve’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Steve's Holiday Gift Guide

Steve’s Holiday Gift Guide

Are you still stumped on what to get for your loved ones this holiday season? Steve is here to help you pick out gifts for all of your friends and family. Steve’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide has gifts for all ages at all price ranges for everyone on your list!

Babies – There are plenty of baby onesies and t-shirts for a special baby patriot on your list. Show off their patriotism and spirit by dressing them in camo or wrapping them up in a warm fleece camo blanket.

Kids – The gift guide has a great selection of kid’s army gear, including camo pants and shirts for the child who wants be just like G.I. Joe or G.I. Jane. Encourage them to dress like a real hero with military-inspired gear in children’s sizes. Great for play or for everyday wear (camo for kids is always in style, patriots!)

Teens – Teens can enjoy stylish camo pants, a warm military sleeved blanket, or an army style backpack. Military messenger bags, military peacoats, and surplus jackets are always hot items for teens. They’re up on the latest fashion trends, plus, they offer durability and versatility that you just don’t find in other teen fashion or accessories.

Adults – From men’s combat boots to a Zippo lighter that supports your favorite branch of the military, there is sure to be a gift to satisfy the serviceman or woman in your life! Help a patriot on your list show off their pride for the red, white, and blue with must-have Belleville tactical boots, Propper Tac U Combat shirts, Georgia work boots, wool military sweaters, and more.

The best part about this great guide by Steve is that all gifts are 15% off! Just use the coupon code SteveGift at checkout – but don’t wait! This deal only goes until 12/11!

You and your friends and family can thank Steve later for his awesome selection of gift recommendations. Steve’s Holiday Gift Guide can only be found at

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5 Ways to Send Holiday Cheer to the Troops

If you’ve been looking for some ways to give back this holiday season, why not give to one of the groups that deserves your support most? You can truly make a difference when it comes to our military and the simple act of spreading holiday cheer can mean more than you know to someone who is stationed far away from home for Christmas.

If you want to send holiday cheer to the troops, here’s what you can do:

  1. Make holiday greeting cards for the troops. Get together some paper, crayons, markers, and be creative! This is a great activity for kids if you want to make spreading holiday cheer a family affair, or if you’re involved with children in your community, encourage them to take part in this activity. Drop them off at a local VA or military support organization to make sure they get delivered.
  2. Send blankets to Wounded Warriors. Many VA treatment centers support the Wounded Warriors by making blankets, which can provide warmth and comfort to those who truly need it this time of year. To start, contact your local VA to see if there are any specific guidelines you need to follow for making a Wounded Warrior blanket. From there, it’s just time to sew!
  3. Send treats for troops. The Treats for Troops’ Foster-A-Soldier program lets you locate a soldier from your home state to send holiday cheer packages to. You can choose a soldier based on his or her branch of service, area deployment, or even birthday. Send goodies, treat filled stockings, toiletries, phone cards, and other items they could use. To get started, visit
  4. Support a military family. If you know a military family who is going through a rough time this holiday season, give them a helping hand. Invite them to holiday dinner, give rides, send cards and baskets of cheer – whatever you can do to make them feel loved and appreciated. It’s a tough thing to be a military family.
  5. Write letters to the troops. There are plenty of organizations who make sure that soldiers receive your letters, but the simple act of taking time to actually write, well, it speaks volumes to someone so far away from home. A letter can mean more than just news – it can mean hope. Send one to a soldier this Christmas and thank him or her for the sacrifice.

Know of another way to spread holiday cheer to the troops? Share your ideas in the comments!