Voodoo Tactical: Save on this Must-Have Tactical Gear


Voodoo Tactical Gear

Voodoo Tactical Gear

Voodoo Tactical is quickly becoming our patriots’ top choice when shopping for the best, high quality tactical gear. From armor & plate carriers to assault packs and accessories, Voodoo Tactical has the gear you need that you can value and depend upon.

Voodoo Tactical is a brand of MOLLE compatible tactical gear that has been around for only a few years. Their Armor Carriers, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs are designed with an outstanding feel and fit. The multiple rows of webbing enable you to customize your load. If you have a long mission ahead of you, Voodoo Assault Packs are the perfection solution with its padded shoulder straps, spacious holding capacity, and hydration compatibility .

Voodoo Tactical also carries a quality line of Holsters to securely hold your handgun in place. They are adjustable to fit any body size and are available for both left and right hand users. Similarly, if you carry a rifle or shotgun, fully padded Scabbards offer maximum weapon protection.  Be sure to check out the Configurable Range & Equipment Bags that enable you to store any type of gear needed for your mission.

Voodoo Tactical continues to offer plenty of shooters gear and accessories as well, including flashlights, rifle slings, knee pads and bean bags. Don’t forget about your necessary Medical Gear, where Voodoo Tactical carries the full kits, bandages and pouches you need.

Patriot Surplus always strives to bring you the best by offering the top tactical gear and supplies on the market. We carry a large selection of Voodoo Tactical gear to suit all of your needs. Did we mention Voodoo Tactical is compatible with all major tactical brands? That’s right, patriots. Shopping for tactical gear just got a whole lot better.

Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas from Patriot Surplus

If you’ve been putting off finding a Halloween costume until now, no worries – we’ve got you covered. Patriot Surplus can be your source for Halloween costume must-haves, especially if you’re going with military standby costume ideas.

This year, we’ve been thinking about what sorts of Halloween 2012 costumes you can put together with some of our law enforcement  hunting, and tactical gear. So far, here’s what we’ve come up with:

Indiana Jones: Put Harrison Ford to shame and remind the world of why archaeology is so friggin’ awesome by going as Indiana Jones to your next Halloween party. To make this costume, you’ll need a brown leather fighter jacket, a long-sleeved khaki tactical shirt, tan pants, brown boots, a fedora, a whip, brown belt, and satchel. Let your scruff grow in a bit and you’re ready to storm the Temple of Doom. Or the snack table. Your choice.

Rosie the Riveter: You can do it! This homemade costume is a favorite among lady patriots. To create the look, you’ll need a blue denim collared button down with the sleeves rolled up past the elbow, red lipstick, victory roll hairstyle, and a red bandana.

Plastic Army Man: If you love Toy Story or miss the nostalgia of those little green guys dotting your game board or toy chest, then you’ll definitely love this Halloween costume idea. To go as a green Army figurine, start out by grabbing plenty of green body paint for your face and hands. Next, suit up in olive green BDUs, including a green army coat, green army pants, and green army belt. Green boots, too. Finally, grab a can of green spray paint and spray paint a toy machine gun or walkie talkie to carry with you. For the plastic standee bottom, cut out pieces of cardboard, spray paint them green, and attach them to the bottom of your boots. Top it off with a green G.I. helmet.

Swamp Witch: If you’ve seen the movie Legend, then you’ll get where this is coming from. The swamp witch is a cool idea if you have a ghillie suit laying around that you want to put to good use. Start out by putting on your ghillie suit and other camo gear. Then, add a witch mask to freak out your friends, or if you have the time and talent, a prosthetic nose, ears, and some nasty teeth. Colored contacts optional. Stringy hair, whether natural or a wig, will top things off. Add claws and a staff or wand and you’re ready to scare the bejeezus out of any trick or treater that darkens your doorstep.

Officer _____: There are plenty of pop culture police officers who make us laugh (like Bill Hader and Seth Rogan’s characters in Superbad) . Think of a movie or TV show with famous cop characters that either kick ass or make us bust a gut and dress up with our light blue long-sleeve police uniform shirt, blue police uniform pants, aviator sunglasses, tactical belt, and badge. Add cuffs and flashlight for playing manhunt – or giving your buddy a whack when he tries to steal the candy from the kids. The key to pulling off your character will be all about the hair and the personality. (P.S. – is Reno 911 more your style? Then switch it up with a khaki police uniform shirt and brown pants – or short shorts).

Got more great ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

Take On the Outdoors with Full Gear Essentials

Winter will be here before you know it, which means hunting season and archery season are going to be in full swing. It is important to start preparing early when you are planning to be in the cold outdoors for long time periods.  From apparel to survival gear, Patriot Surplus is here to provide you with the basic necessities you need to gear up for a successful hunt, including:

Footwear: The insulated and waterproof construction of outdoor hunting boots from great brands like Danner and LaCrosse will keep your feet warm and dry at all times.

Apparel: Camouflage clothing and ranger can be worn before heading into the woods to keep you unseen. Similarly, our ghillie suits come complete with jacket and head piece to keep you blended in with specific terrains. If you need extra pockets for storage, our outdoor travel vests and jackets come equipped with the holding space you need.

Gloves: Stay warm and protected with hunting gloves from major brands like Wiley and Rothco.

Sleeping Gear: If your outing will last longer than a day trip, recreational tents, mummy sleeping bags, and folding cots from our selection will keep you warm and comfortable.

Survival Gear: We carry all of your outdoor necessities. Shovels, snake bite kits, Sure-Pak meals, lanterns, water packs and emergency fire starter kits are just a few of the hunting gear essentials we carry. You can see a full selection of everything we’ve got on our Outdoors Gear page.

We hope you have a fun and safe season this year. Be sure to check out our outdoor gear and accessories today to save big on all of the season’s must-haves.


Introducing 5.11 Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical Gear at Patriot Surplus

5.11 Tactical Gear at Patriot Surplus

Patriots, we’re excited. Really excited. Like the most excited about something we’ve been in awhile. The reason? Numbers. But not just any numbers. We’re talking about the number 5.11. That’s right. Patriot Surplus is now a proud carrier of 5.11 tactical gear.

5.11 tactical gear is THE source for law enforcement tactical gear, clothing, and equipment. From footwear to undergear, law enforcement must-haves by 5.11 are trusted by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals around the country – and that’s only the beginning. Besides being the top choice of tactical gear and tactical apparel for law enforcement, 5.11 tactical gear is used by military professionals, security personnel, and others who serve in uniform. Why? Because 5.11 tactical gear is built on a foundation of improving performance. The gear itself is designed to improve the safety, speed, and accuracy of law enforcement and military professionals. 5.11 outfits you from head to toe with the essentials for getting the job done – and it’s what you expect from your tactical gear. Pure and simple.

From bags to watches, Patriot Surplus has you covered with our selection of 5.11 tactical gear. Shop our selection today and join the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals who rely on 5.11 tactical gear to support them with performance, durability, comfort, and efficiency. You protect and serve – but 5.11 helps protect and serve you.


It’s Customer Service Week at Patriot Surplus!

The first week of October is Customer Service Week and we have to say, this is something that’s always been really important to us. At Patriot Surplus, we put our customers first. We keep you in mind when we’re looking at new vendors, new products, and of course, pricing, shipping, and service options. This week, and all year long, we want you to know that we’re here for you whenever you have any questions or concerns about your order or any of our products. Giving you the best service experience possible is what matters most to us.

At Patriot Surplus, we like to live by our motto of “veteran owned, veteran approved”. We offer the best in military and tactical gear and we do that because we understand what our fellow servicemen and women are looking for. When it comes to boots or BDUs, we’ve been in your shoes in the shopping experience – and we want to make it better. We approve our products and stand behind them because we know that you expect quality. Heck – it’s the same standard we hold ourselves to!

This week, if you haven’t gotten acquainted with ways to get in touch with us with your feedback or questions, now is the perfect time.

Thank you, patriots, for letting us serve you with the best possible experience. If there’s something we could be doing better, let us know! We’re here for you anytime.