Rambo’s Guide to Shopping for Military Boots

Strong. Resourceful. Ready to kick ass.

These are the traits we think of when we hear the name, “Rambo”. But wait a second. What if Rambo was shopping for boots? I mean, c’mon. If Rambo REALLY needed boots, you know he’s probably just fashion them out of a wild boar. He’d tan that hide with the fury of a 1,000 suns and stitch pure fear, yes, FEAR, into the insole. But hey, sometimes even the greatest of heroes can appreciate convenience offered by ready to wear military boots.

If Rambo were shopping for military boots, we think these would be the tips he’d follow:

Choose boots that accentuate your ridiculous muscles. They don’t have to fit big or be physically big, but they need to LOOK big. Have them match the guns or whatever. You’re going into battle – and you need to look good, dammit. Choose something with a bit of style, you know? You can go for the classic jungle boot or bring your ass kicking into the 21st century with some of the latest military boots from Belleville, Altama, or Converse. Oh, and don’t forget about Rocky boots either.

Choose boots that fit well. If you’re going out into the jungle to battle a terrorist threat, you need a pair of boots that can keep up with you. Find a pair that’s not too tight and not too lose, and most importantly, comfortable, something you can walk in for days if needed. Take advantage of comfort features built into the boot and state of the art footwear technology. Trust us – a good pair of boots can go a long way. Luckily, we have plenty of boots to choose from so you can always find the best pair.  Plus, if you’re not sure on sizing or the way these boots feel and fit, you can always consult our product descriptions or give us a shout. We’ll let you know what you can expect from your boots.

Choose boots that can tackle the terrain. The jungle or the Pacific Northwest. It’s all the same to you. You need boots that can tackle the terrain and be made just for you and whatever sort of trouble you like to get yourself in. When shopping for boots, take a closer look at the features built in to the boot to make sure you’re getting one that can keep up. Pay attention to things like tread, strength, venting, waterproofing, resistance to blood borne pathogens, and abrasion resistance.

You’re one man, but you can take out an army. At Patriot Surplus, we’ll make sure you have the right boots to do it.

Check out the military boots in our selection. Not sure what Rambo would pick? Well, you can always send us a message or give us a call and we can guide you toward the perfect pair. We’re veterans too, and although we may not look like Stallone, we know our boots.

We’ve got a knife for that.

Now, that’s a knife.

At Patriot Surplus, we’ve got knives for just about anything. Hunting, survival, military service…you name it and we’ve probably got a knife that can keep you prepared for just about anything. As for sizes and styles, let’s just say we have a full range, from the pocket knife to the machete. Just take a look at our knife selection and you’ll see what I mean.

What are the best knives we carry? Well, I tend to think it’s a matter of opinion. In my experience, I’ve never been let down by Smith and Wesson’s HRT series knives. They are pretty much up for any task. ASEK survival knives are popular among those who serve and collectors appreciate our GI pilot survival knives and genuine British Commando knives. Those who like the great outdoors think are machetes are badass (they are) and usually go for any of the military survival knives in our selection, which come with accessories that can get you through an emergency situation. My fellow Marines also know what it means to have a Ka-Bar USMC knife at your side. Oh yes, there’s nothing better for keeping a Marine prepared for anything than a Ka-Bar USMC knife.

Speaking of being prepared, we also have multitool sets and pocket tools in our knife selection that are great for carrying along anywhere. We have the classic Red Swiss Army Type knives, plus a few different Leatherman and Gerber compact muli-pliers and pocket tools that include everything from scissors to screwdrivers. Stow them in your bag, car, or office. You never know when you might need them.

Need a knife? We’ve got the one you’re looking for: military knives

25 Ways to Be a Patriot

American Flag and Bald EagleAt Patriot Surplus, we know all about being patriotic, but if you’re not sure on how you can let your own inner patriot shine, well, we have a few tips for you.

Here’s a list of 25 things you can do to be a patriot:

  1. Show support for our military. Those brave men and women do more for us than we even know.
  2. Take time to thank a veteran. A simple hug, handshake, letter, or card will make their day.
  3. Educate yourself on the military. It helps to know the facts, especially in regards to discussing what our military is doing, what they’ve done, and what they will do.
  4. Visit veterans at a local VA hospital. Donate your time, and if you can, your assistance.
  5. Say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  6. Learn our National Anthem and always remove your hat and place a hand over your heart when it’s performed or played.
  7. Say “Sir” and “Maam”, “Please” and “Thank You”. Show others you have manners. Hold doors open for others. Be chivalrous.  Be respectful of others as well as our nation.
  8. Salute the flag.
  9. Support veteran-owned businesses in your local community.
  10. Visit and honor those who have served in your community. If a community member was killed in the line of duty, be sure to visit his or her grave site and place a wreath or flower. Or pay condolences according to the family’s wishes.
  11. Show your support for those who serve in all professions that protect us, including EMS and law enforcement personnel.
  12. Write post cards or letters to troops overseas or send care packages.
  13. Support causes that benefit veterans and those who serve, such as the Oscar Mike Foundation or the Wounded Warrior Project.
  14. Stay informed of national and international affairs, as well as our nation’s history.
  15. Never back down in the eyes of tyranny.
  16. Keep an American flag on your porch.
  17. Visit national historical sites on your family vacations.
  18. Buy American products.
  19. Watch patriotic movies on movie night.
  20. Learn the history of your state.
  21. Vote.
  22. Have a desire to make our country a better place.
  23. Love our country unconditionally.
  24. Display a flag or wreath in honor of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.
  25. Equip your closet with military apparel, military support gear, and other cool stuff from Patriot Surplus. You’ll be supporting a veteran-owned business while showing off your pride for our men and women in uniform.
How are you a patriot?

Military Videos To Make You Smile

Having a case of the Mondays? No worries. We’ve got some military videos to make you smile and warm your heart.

First up, we see a Marine put this NYPD officer to shame in a fitness test. We’ve got respect for those who protect and serve at all levels, but we just have to say: nobody does it better than the Marines.

In this next video, you’ll see brave men and women reunite with their pups. Incredibly heartwarming and we’ve gotta say: these soldiers are getting the best homecoming ever.

Grab the tissues. This soldier comes home to surprise his 6 children, who he hasn’t seen in almost 7 months.

What’s another day at the office without a little Britney? See some Marines blow off steam by lip-synching to a Britney Spears song. Awesome, right?