New Military Handbags and Flower Pins for Lady Patriots

Ladies Military HandbagsLadies, if you’ve been looking for a way to show your support for our troops while still looking fabulous, we’ve got the perfect new addition to your closet. We’ve just added a new selection of military handbags, military purses, and military diaper bags.

Our military handbags, military purses, and military diaper bags come available in uniform fabrics, including:

  • BDU
  • ACU
  • ABU
  • NWU
  • Desert Marpat
  • Woodland Marpat

Once you choose your military fabric, you can select an accent color, such as black, pink, red, or aqua, to complete the look of your bag. It’s a great way to show your support for your favorite man or woman in uniform, as well as the troops in general.

We also have a selection of custom military flower pins that can be created from the same accents and fabrics as listed above. Wear these flower pins on your shirt or jacket, or pin multiples onto a purse, a favorite pair of jeans, a hat, or even your shoes. If you’ve always wanted a feminine and flattering way to show your pride for the military, these flower pins are just what you’ve been looking for.

Plus, we also have some new women’s military themed keychains, which can be customized with phrases like “Army Wife” and “Semper Fi” or your name, your soldier’s name, or the branch of the military you support. Custom embroidery on each and every keychain makes this a favorite for gift giving and for military families.

Check out some of our latest additions to the selection of ladies military gear at Patriot Surplus.

Introducing Magnum Boots

Magnum Spider 8.1 Hpi Multicam #5380

Magnum Spider 8.1 Hpi Multicam #5380

Those in the military and law enforcement fields have long heard about Magnum boots and finally, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added Magnum boots and Magnum tactical footwear to the selection at Patriot Surplus.

Magnum boots were designed in the field, so they know what you’re looking for from the right boot. Designed to get the job done, Magnum boots come in military styles, as well as in options for women, work, safety, and law enforcement. You can see a full run-down of the Magnum boots and Magnum tactical footwear in our selection here.

Why choose Magnum? Well, they’re sexy for one thing (these boots look awesome), but for the other, they really do offer some amazing performance. Here are some features you’ll find built into Magnum boots:

OrthoLite Insoles: Comfortable foam insoles are key to keeping you moving in your boots. Luckily, Magnum boots use OrthoLite footbeds to give you comfort from the inside out. OrthoLite footbeds offer long term cushioning, anti-microbial protection, moisture management, breathability, and lightweight performance. Plus, they’re washable – just throw ‘em in the washing machine and they come out like new.

Vibram Rubber Soles: We’ve all heard about the superior grip, comfort, and durability of Vibram rubber soles, and now, you can get this world-famous performance in Magnum boots. Vibram rubber soles can be found on many Magnum boots options, including the new Sidewinder line which has fast rope portection built right into the outsole.

Ion-Mask Technology by P2i: Ion-Mask technology is an award winning ultra protective surface enhacement that works at the molecular level to deliver supreme protection when you’re in uniform. After all, this technology was originally developed for military clothing to protect against chemical agents.

Cambrelle: Cambrelle linings in Magnum boots offer comfort, durability, and moisture management that you demand in your tactical footwear. Cambrelle keeps your foot comfortable, cool, and dry all day long, making it ideal for use Magnum tactical boots and Magnum military boots.

SuperFabric: There’s a reason this is called SuperFabric. This unique material is the ultimate in performance, protection, and comfort and you’ll find it in Magnum footwear. Featured in the Magnum Spider and Magnum Sidewinder, SuperFabric protects your uppers from abrasion damage caused by fast roping, as well as cuts and punctures while remaining super flexible.

Agion Antimicrobial Treatments: Agion is a slow-releasing compound with antimicrobial properties that uses silver ions to help counter bacterial growth that usually occurs with increased humidity and temperature. As you wear your Magnum boots all day long, Agion will work to keep you protected from bacteria and odor.

Hextraction: Magnum’s indoor collection of slip resistant footwear uses a new technology that protects you from slipping at a microscopic level. Each boot or shoe with this technology has been tested on sleet, quarry tile, chequer plate and other surfaces with water and glycerol. It’s one of the best lines of defence against slips, trips, or falls.

And these are just a few of the things you can expect from Magnum. Ready to give Magnum boots a try for yourself? Check out our newest additions. You’ll find options for the police officer, professional, and soldier. You name the job and there’s a Magnum boot that’s the perfect fit.

Patriot Surplus Introduces Zombie Survival Gear

Man, we suck at this whole posting on time thing – and we were really excited about this one too! So here’s what happened. In all of the hustle and bustle of getting in our new collection of Magnum boots (more on that later), we forgot to put up our April Fool’s post. We’re sorry, patriots. We spaced on this one. 

Without further ado, here’s the April Fool’s post that was supposed to go live on April 1st – but didn’t. Hey, it’s 4/11 – that’s kind of close, right? Double ones? *crickets*


Patriots, listen up.

Now, we all know that we want to be prepared for any situation. After all, you never know what could happen. These are crazy times we’re living in and if those Mayan calendar people are right, we’ve got a lot to be thinking about. In preparation for the impending zombie apocalypse, Patriot Surplus has been busy readying our strategy for making it out alive. That’s right. We’re about to get all kinds of Bruce Campbell up in here.

Zombies are a different kind of challenge. Whether they choose to reanimate based on radioactive spills or some weird genetically engineered virus, there’s one thing for certain: these are not the kinds of house guests you want busting up your BBQ. These are tough creatures, so it takes time, planning, and preparation to ensure that you make it out alive. Trust us – when a zombie arrives at your door, you better have that bug out bag packed and ready to go.

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, you need to be ready with all of the survival essentials. Now, we’re not sure how long it’ll take for you to find a farm, compound, camp, or community of other survivors, but we recommend that you pack enough for at least a few days. Thankfully, Patriot Surplus has your back with our selection of zombie survival gear.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Steve, this is the friggin’ zombie apocalypse – how will I EVER be prepared for that?”

Don’t worry. The crew at Patriot Surplus has had plenty of time to think about how to gear up for an occasion like this. Sure, we know how to handle extreme weather conditions and unique terrain, but don’t think for a minute we haven’t considered what you’d need in the event of the undead (and we’re not talking Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” kind of undead. Serious undead. The Walking Dead undead.) Survival is all about having the necessities, no matter what conditions you’re under. So, when it comes to escaping these creatures and making it to a safe haven, we’ve got the gear you need to take care of the basics without weighing you down. After all, you’re going to be on the move.

To get you started, we have an awesome selection of Maxpedition and MOLLE bags that are perfect for acting as the base for your bug out bag or zombie survival kit. Once you’ve got the right bag, you’ll want to toss in your basic tools, a mess kit, first aid kit, fire starters, weapons (choose wisely – previous experience shows that everything from old records to axes can work in your favor), MRE meals, a water treatment kit, flashlight, batteries, radios, and of course, a military survival guide or two. Before you zip things up, you may want to do a quick web search for zombie survival tips and print those out too. Depending on the unique type of zombie you’re dealing with, you may need to read up on how to take down these bastards.

Once you’ve got your bag packed with zombie survival essentials from Patriot Surplus, stash it in a place that’s easily accessible for when you’re on the move. Hell, you may even want to keep spares in your car, garage, office, or at a friend’s house. The minute you hear the word “brrraaaaiiiinnnns”, lace up your Magnum boots and book it. It’s time to go.

Alright, patriots. Gear up. Check out our survival gear for the zombie apocalypse and start planning your escape route. You never can be too prepared.