MultiCam Gear: A Higher Standard of Camo



At, we know our camouflage. Hell, we’re connoisseurs of camo, bringing you only the best in combat shirts, tees, coats, and more. So when we’re asked about MultiCam gear, we can tell you what you need to know. This stuff is the best of the best. It’s versatile, dependable, and comes in a variety of options to suit whatever your needs for camo.

MultiCam uniforms use a new pattern that incorporates seven different colors and shades, which range from tan and brown to green and even salmon. This pattern is sophisticated, helping the person wearing it to avoid visual or even infrared detection. For our troops, it’s a must. For you, it’s the perfect choice.

MultiCam is unique in its ability to adapt to surroundings too. When worn in a forest, it’ll appear green. When worn in the desert, it’ll become more predominantly tan or brown. It’s perfectly suited to work well in a variety of environments, including urban areas. MultiCam also tricks the viewer into seeing the person wearing the camouflage as part of the background, rather than a definite object with profile.

The MultiCam uniform started back in 2001, when Crye Associates started working with the U.S. Army Soldiers System Center. In the development process, Crye Associates considered the way that animals hide themselves in nature using lighting, terrain, seasonal changes, and other factors in order to make the most sophisticated type of camouflage possible. Taking into account the needs of the soldiers as well as the desire for an innovative way to stay hidden, Crye Associates and its manufacturing division, Crye Precision, started to field test the new MultiCam pattern by using photo simulations and hands-on feedback from soldiers. With MultiCam as a clear winner, the U.S. Army began issuing MultiCam uniforms to soldiers deploying to Afghanistan in 2010.

Since MultiCam’s creation, we’ve seen its power. High-level U.S. Army officers say the camouflage pattern allows troops to get much closer to enemy combatants than they could before, giving them an extra measure of protection. Plus, MultiCam has been a staple choice for civilians, hunters, law enforcement professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. When you need to blend into varied terrain, MultiCam gear lets you hide in plain sight.

At Patriot Surplus, we carry MultiCam gear for the civilian, soldier, and outdoor enthusiast. Check out our MultiCam selection to find patrol caps, pants, shirts, pouches, bags, canteen covers, hats, boots, and more featuring this state-of-the-art camouflage pattern.

Back to School Military Bags

Military style has come back in a big way over the past few years. Army-inspired t-shirts, canvas messenger bags, and even camouflage have made their way into students’ closets. For this back to school season, Patriot Surplus has military messenger bags and backpacks that are ideal for any student with any sense of style. These bags are tough, and they don’t fall apart like those military-inspired bags you find at the big box stores. If your kid wants heavy duty military style before he or she hits the hallways, check out some of these picks for back to school military bags:

Medic Messenger Bag

Medic Messenger Bag

Medic Messenger Bag: In tough canvas, this classic medic shoulder bag is great for toting books, e-readers, and other gear to and from class. Perfect for the biology buff or the pre-med student, this sage bag features a red cross symbol on the front flap, handsome leather straps, and a comfortable design that makes it a great everyday bag.

Khaki Vintage Star Backpack

Khaki Vintage Star Backpack

Khaki Vintage Star Backpack: There’s nothing more classic than a simple star. This khaki vintage backpack features convenient pockets and plenty of storage, so you can pack away notebooks, folders, pens, and even your gear for soccer practice. Great for guys and girls alike, this back to school military backpack features a neutral design with a simple, but powerful, red star on the front pocket.

Pathfinder Laptop Bag

Pathfinder Laptop Bag

Vintage Pathfinder Laptop Bag: A little too grown up for a camo messenger bag? Take this Pathfinder laptop bag to college and into your first job. Made of heavy weight washed cotton canvas with a leather bottom, this attractive military messenger bag offers secure storage for your laptop, plus extra pockets for your phone, notebooks, keys, or student ID. Antique brass closures keep the look professional.

Marine Corps Messenger Bag

Marine Corps Messenger Bag

USMC Messenger Bag: Looking for the perfect back to school messenger bag for your little warrior? Great for students of all ages, this Marine Corps messenger bag features a cool canvas design with pockets for storage and the Marine Corps symbol emblazoned on the front flap. It makes a statement – you’re not to be messed with.

These are just a few of our most popular picks. For a complete rundown, check out the selection of military messenger bags and military backpacks just in time for back to school season at


New Product Line: Rocky Boots

Rocky C4 Trainer

Rocky C4 Trainer

They’re made for duty, work, Western wear, and the outdoors – and now they’re available at Patriot Surplus.

Rocky Boots are a line of footwear that’s been committed to being the best for more than 70 years, and we’re not just saying that because they look badass. Since the company’s start, Rocky Boots have proved themselves to be durable investments that can last in the line of duty, whether you’re military personnel or law enforcement. Need a tougher boot to keep up with you on the trail? Rocky Boots can keep you covered. Want a versatile boot that can perform wherever you need to? Rocky Boots are the right choice there too.

At Patriot Surplus, we now carry the full line of Rocky Boots at great savings, so you know you’re getting the best pair of boots for your buck. We offer Rocky Boots in lightweight, military, waterproof, speed lace, Wellington, side zip, steel-toe, Oxford, and Gor-tex styles, so check out what we have to offer if you’re looking for a new pair of boots.

Not sure where to start? How about with the Rocky C4 Trainer? This military boot is incredibly popular in Air Force Sage Green. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and features a Rocky Airport footbed to cradle your foot comfortably without skimping on support. Also features an all man-made upper and EVA/rubber outsole. It’s one of our most popular styles from this line.

We’re excited about our newest addition to our store and we know you will be too. After all, Rocky Boots are known for exceeding expectations.

Belleville Boot Sizing Guidelines and Recommendations

Belleville Boot Sizing Guidelines and Recommendations

Belleville Boot Sizing

Having sold Belleville boots for about ten years now, we’ve come across some general observations on Belleville boot sizing. Keep in mind though that this is not an exact science. Some people want their boots to fit a certain way while others may not like that fit. Sizing really is a personal taste kind of thing. For myself, I like some room in the toe box to wiggle my toes. It’s a comfort thing for me. Other people may like a tighter fit in the toe box. That being said, we have found the following guidelines hold pretty true.

The first thing you should do when selecting boots is go to your local shoe store and have them measure your feet with a Brannock sizing device. This is the silver slide type device you always see at a shoe store. If you don’t have access to a shoe store, you can download our printable Brannock sizing guide by clicking here. When you print out this chart, make sure that your printer does not scale it to fit the paper. You want it to print out at 100% scale.

 Belleville Boot Sizing Guidelines  for US Made Boots

This does not include the Tactical Research line from Belleville as it is foreign made. I’ll start with the hot weather styles, the 310, 220DESST, 600, etc. We have found that these boots tend to run a full size large so we generally suggest our customers order down one full size. For example, if you measure your foot on a brannock device and it’s a 10 regular we would suggest you order a 9 regular in the Belleville domestic hot weather line.

With respect to Belleville’s Water Proof styles, i.e. 790, 615, 800ST, etc., these boots tend to run ‘true’ meaning in general you should order whatever size your foot measures on a brannock device.

Belleville’s Insulated Styles such as the 675ST, 775ST, 880ST, etc. fit differently than the waterproof boots. The insulated boots tend to run just slightly small. We suggest customers either order up a ½ size or stay with their brannock size but order a wide rather than a regular in width. You really have to make this a judgment call. If you are sliding laterally in your boot, then it is too wide. If your heel pulls up out of the heel cup when you are walking, then it is too long. What you want is a snug fit that gives you the ability to move your toes comfortably.

Belleville Boot Sizing for Tactical Research Boots (Any style starting with the letters TR)

All of the Tactical Research boots are manufactured using the same last (boot mold), which means they all should size pretty much the same. What we have found with the Tactical Research line is they tend to run large. We suggest the customer order down at least a half if not whole size depending on how snug they like their boot to fit. Belleville does have one waterproof boot in the Tactical Research line, the TR960ZWP. For this particular boot because the waterproof lining takes up some of the space inside the boot we suggest they stay true to size or only go down a half size.

One thing we like to stress to our customers is that all of the above is ‘advice’ based off their size as measured on a brannock device. We can not and do not offer sizing advice based on the size you wear in another manufactures products. The lasts (mold) used to manufacture boots vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as from one style to another based on the construction of the boot. It is impossible for us to make conversions from other manufactures sizes.

Belleville Boot Sizing for the Mini Mil Boot

Let’s discuss the Belleville Mini Mil boots. These boots size entirely different than any boot you may have worn in the past. It has a wider shaped toe box. The MINI-MiL tends to run on the small/short side. When we initially started selling this boot, we had a high exchange rate on the boots because customers were ordering their standard size. Based on experience with the Mini Mil, it is our recommendion customers order a half size up from your normal shoe size. If you wear a size 10, we would recommend you order a 10.5 in the MINI-MiL.

Belleville Boot Sizing for Steel Toe or Composite Toe Boots

Lastly, we often get asked if having a Steel or Composite Safety toe in the boot makes a difference in sizing. The answer is no. The Safety Toe is inserted above the last and does not take up ‘space’ inside the boot and as such does not effect the sizing suggestions as outlined above. This is a common misconception that confuses people regularly.

If you have any questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us at 888-608-2266. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Home of the Brave…and Celebrity Dates

Over the past few weeks, we’ve eagerly watched our brave Marine Corps take on a new challenge: asking some of Hollywood’s hottest to be their dates. Oh yes, there’s nothing like taking Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, or that saucy minx Betty White to a Marine Corps ball.

This trend began a few short weeks ago when a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan made a YouTube video. Sgt. Scott Moore of 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala decided to take a long shot at asking Mila Kunis, star of “Friends with Benefits”, to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. Once the video was up, the world shared – and Miss Mila got the invitation…and accepted. Scott, you’ve got game.

Taking her cue from Sgt. Moore, Kelsey De Santis, a Quantico, Virgina-based Marine, posted her own video asking Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball on November 12 in Washington, D.c. No word yet on whether Justin will accept the invitation. We hope he does. Although, if you’re a Marine, you’ve already brought sexy back.

Betty, Betty, Betty. Who doesn’t love Betty White? Last year, we saw our favorite Golden Girl host Saturday Night Live and we’ve probably all joined a Facebook group where we declare her to be the hottest woman on the planet. She’s mature, sweet, and of course, has a great sense of humor…maybe that’s what attracted Sgt. Ray Lewis to make a video invitation of his own.

Sgt. Lewis, who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, posted a video to YouTube too, promising the lovely 90-year old Emmy nominee a night to remember. My, my – our Marines are quite the charmers.

My Belleville 795’s and a Log Cabin

I spent the last three weeks in the Catskill Mountains of New York building a log cabin with my family. In preparation for the trip, I ran through the warehouse and grabbed some items off the shelf I thought I might need. The first thing that I grabbed were a pair of Belleville 795 Waterproof boots. I didn’t really want the 200 grams of insulation, but I was in a rush and these fit my feet well. It turns out, these were an awesome pair of boots to use in an alternately scorching hot and wet and mucky environment.

While in the Catskills, I endured the first week of unyielding high temperatures in the 100’s. However, due to surface groundwater springs, the ground around the construction site was muddy and damp. It was an odd pairing at best. How does one keep their feet dry and comfy yet stay cool wearing 200 gram insulated boots? Well, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t really have to worry about it. My feet never once got hot, itchy or achy despite wearing my Belleville Boots about 16 hours a day. In the morning, I pulled on a nice clean pair of socks or a pair of white polypropylene sock liners which turned out to be a great choice as well.

Two things did come up for me during my three weeks in the Catskills. First, I know we all get used to the Mickey Mouse ear shoelaces, but why do they have to make them so long in the first place? In my time in the Corps, I always ended up wrapping them around the top of my boots a few times and then tucking the ears into the top of my boots. In the Marines, this was no big deal. Now that I am a civilian, this was a pain in the ass. Call me spoiled, but it was an extra minute or so getting ready every morning.  I think I may replace them with some paracord cut to the exact length I want. I knew Marines who did this all the time because the paracord was unbreakable compared to the stock laces most boot manufacturers supply with their boots.

My second observation is that these boots are heavier than others I have worn. This is due to the Vanguard sole system Belleville uses. The Vanguard sole system is built much like a running shoe sole.  It provides a high performance, premium cushioning sole which distributes ground impact from your heel to your toe just like your favorite running shoes. Belleville combines a thick polyurethane cushion midsole with a durable VIBRAM® premium rubber outsole.  While it does truly give you an extremely comfortable fit, I think for me personally, they are a bit heavy. Although, if I were on a 26 mile ruck march in the winter, these are the boots I’d have on my feet. My dogs would be thanking me every mile!

At the end of the day, I give these boots a huge thumbs up.  My feet didn’t sweat much, I had zero blisters and I didn’t get any toe jam.  What more can you ask for in a boot that was worn 16 hours a day for three weeks straight?  I defer though to the soldiers and Marines who wear them 16 hours a day for months on end.  Belleville has been a great supplier for us and I have had incredibly few issues with their boots, I can’t even think of one right now to be honest.  The Belleville 795 is a great boot and I highly recommend it!