>TRU-SPEC Layer III: Fleece Weight Cold Weather Jacket

>TRU-SPEC Layer III: Fleece Weight Cold Weather Jacket

The Tru-Spec GEN-III ECWCS LEVEL-3 TOP is now available at Patriot Surplus. This handsome, rugged jacket is the single most popular component of the military’s seven-layer ECWCS system and is used with equal frequency and effectiveness as a stand-alone jacket or as an additional layer of insulation. The Layer III jacket is constructed of 6.4 ounce Polartec Thermal Pro 100% polyester high-pile-velour fabric, a high technology fabric which creates air pockets that trap air to retain body heat, thus providing unmatched warmth without adding weight. The material is also very quick drying, affords excellent breathability, and packs down into a very compact size. Features include:

-Center front opening;
-Raglan sleeves;
-Grid fleece side panels for increased breathability and enhanced moisture wicking;
-Two internal upper chest pockets;
-Nylon reinforcements at the collar and elbows;
-Name and rank loop on right and left chest.
Colors: Foliage Green or Black

  • Constructed of 6.4oz. Tru-Spec Performance Plus Thermal Fleece That Meet or Exceed The Requirements of GL/PD–06-03
  • Retains Body Heat
  • Maintains Warmth Without Weight
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable
  • Center Front Zip Opening
  • Nylon Reinforcements In Collar And Elbows
  • Reglan Sleeves
  • Grid Fleece Side Panels
  • 2-Internal Upper Chest Pockets
  • Name And Rank Loop On Right And Left Chest

>Corcoran 1500 Jump Boots

>To all our fans, it has been an unbelievable summer and fall. It seems like we have been going non-stop since our last blog post. The truth is we have been! In addition to some technical upgrades on the site, we are starting to implement 360 degree photos for our Corcoran boot line. Here is a great sample:


The Corcoran 1500 jump boot offers firm footing in aircraft and extra protection for landing after a parachute jump.


  • All Over Comfort & Performance Spit Shineable Leather
  • Garrison Army Munson Last for Superior Fit
  • Webbing Reinforcement for Ankle Support
  • Special Ribbed Steel Paratrooper Shank for Support
  • Extra Firm Heavy Duty Military Counters and Box Toes
  • DRYZ Moisture/Odor Control Shock Absorbing Cushioned Insole
  • Reinforced Military Tap Oil Resistant Rubber Sole
  • Non-Trip Beveled Heel, Oil Resistant

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