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The Tactical Response Combat shirt features Cordura Baselayer

22nd March 2009, Wilmington,DE – Invista’s Cordura brand team has announced the launch of Atlanco’s new Tru-Spec brand Tactical Response Combat Shirt featuring Cordura Baselayer fabric. The Tactical Response Combat Shirt is the latest addition to the Tru-Spec brand’s Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) line for tactical operators.

“We are excited to work with the Tru-Spec brand product development team on this new combat shirt for military, tactical, and law enforcement end-users,” said Cindy McNaull, Global Cordura brand Manager. “In addition to servicing today’s warfighters, this collaboration will expand the use of Cordura Baselayer fabric beyond military applications and will affordably equip hometown heroes with the latest protective garment technology. The comfortable, breathable Cordura Baselayer fabric will be a valuable asset to those wearing the new Tactical Response Combat Shirt.”

Designed to be worn under protective vests, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt is a next-to-skin garment constructed with No Melt/No Drip Coordura Baselayer fabric, the secret to the shirt’s protective qualities. The 60/40 cotton-nylon fibre blend reduces the severity of burn injuries by charring instead of melting when exposed to heat. Known for its durability and abrasion-resistant characteristics, Cordura Baselayer fabric provides a comfortable, breathable, lightweight solution with exceptional moisture management properties.

Cordura Baselayer fabric was the obvious choice for us during the TRU combat shirt design process,” said Atlanco’s Vice President of Marketing, Darrell Jacks. “The fabric’s proven performance in military protective gear further motivated our support of the brand’s technology. By utilizing Cordura Baselayer fabric in the TRU Combat Shirt, the Tru-Spec brand team maintains its commitment to making affordable, cutting-edge textile technologies available to individual operators, as well as teams and units.”

Atlanco’s Tru-Spec brand launched its dynamic, full-featured Tactical Response Uniform in 2006 to address the special needs of tactical officers. Since the uniform’s introduction, the TRU line has become a leading choice of tactical teams everywhere.

In addition to exceptional comfort and enhanced safety, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt features a mock turtle neck designed for style and comfort, gusseted sleeves for easy movement, convenient zippered sleeve storage pockets, no shoulder seams to minimize rubbing and chafing, anti-abrasion padded elbow patches, and convenient hook and loop cuff closures. Other elements of the design include a loop on the pockets to easily attach name and rank patches and a glint tape holder for infrared tape.

The Tru-Spec brand Combat shirt’s fully-functional sleeves, based on the original TRU design, are made from Cordura Nyco fabric. Available in two high-performance fabric options, the Tactical Response Combat Shirt features MultiCam sleeves with a Sand colour body and a separate Army Digital version with a Foliage colour body that incorporates 50/50 nylon-cotton No Melt, No Drip rip-stop sleeves in the ACU pattern. The solid colour options, black, olive drab and khaki, are available in 65/35 polyester-cotton rip-stop sleeves but do not provide thermal protection qualities.

The TRU Tactical Response Combat Shirt is available at Patriot Surplus today.

Article courtesy of Innovation in Textiles. Original article link: http://www.innovationintextiles.com/articles/071.php

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